About Us

We're calling all types of auctions across Melbourne.

And we're doing it with Love, Passion & Energy...

What type of auction do you need?

On Site Auction

+ An effective way to auction

+ Servicing all areas of Melbourne

+ 7 days a week, 365 days a year

+ Multiple auctioneers available

+ Pre-auction vendor meeting included

+ Sold with Love, Passion & Energy

In Room Auction

+ An efficient way to auction

+ Up to 30 auctions at a time

+ 7 days a week, 365 days a year

+ Multiple auctioneers available

+ Tailored pricing based on volumes

+ Sold with Love, Passion & Energy

Virtual Auction

+ An innovative way to auction

+ Buyers & agents can see each other in real time

+ Up to 80 individual buyers can participate

+ Compatible on all Android & iOS devices

+ We facilitate the entire virtual auction

+ Virtual pre-auction vendor meeting included

+ Entire auction is recorded for compliance

+ Entire auction is conducted remotely

+ Sold with Love, Passion & Energy

Charity Auction

+ An inspiring way to auction

+ We work with your charity

+ We can help raise awareness

+ We partner with many local & national charities

+ Available 7 days a week, 365 days a year

+ Sold with Love, Passion & Energy

Benefits For The Seller

Dedicated Specialist
Auctions. That's our business. We love it!  We're the experts. When there is so much on the line, you need to trust your biggest asset is in the hands of a dedicated specialist. 
Choose Your Auctioneer
The freedom to choose your Auctioneer is often out of your hands. We give you control. Have full confidence knowing who will be calling your auction and get to know us throughout your campaign. We believe it’s one of the wisest decision you’ll make. 
With Love, Passion & Energy
We guarantee our auctions are always full of energy. From start to sold, potential buyers will feel our excitement for your home or investment. We'll call your auction with unconditional love, passion and genuine intent to achieve above-market results. Always with a smile and our trademark spirit.
Support From Start To Sold
Clients are everything. Without you, we wouldn't exist! We work in conjunction with your agent every step and are just a phone call away.

1800 950 887 - We're always available!
Independent Advice
We call auctions across Melbourne. Leading agencies partner with us because we know every market and are experts in our field. We see it all and tell it like it is!  We openly share our knowledge & experience, so you are fully informed and well-placed for the absolute best result.
Maximise the Final Selling Price
We understand you want the most for your property. We waste no time creating a competitive environment. Bottom line? We extract every last dollar from the market. 

Benefits For The Agent

Achieve Top Dollar
We know you want the most for your vendors. Our auctions are full of energy, passion & urgency. We ensure your buyers feel comfortable and confident to bid. Let our expertise assist you in being the reason your vendors achieve the ultimate result. 
Win More Listings
Together we'll be the perfect pair and win you as many listings as possible. Potential vendors will have no choice but to list with you. Our results will speak for themselves.
Increased Market Share
Increased market share is gold, and the world should know about it. Your success is our success. We'll market your incredible results, so you don't have to shout them from the rooftops. 
Elevate Your Branding
It's time to raise the bar — with branding that is! Branding is extremely important to your success, and with us, you'll leave the competition in the dust.
Campaign Support Along the Way
Clients are everything — we should know, without them, we wouldn't exist! That's why we are there, from start to sold. Full campaign support and pre-auction vendor meetings included with every auction booking. We even attend your listing appointments – just ask.
Create Raving Fans. Every Auction.
Everyone wants raving fans, but not everyone knows how to get them. We do… and we'll help you.