Choosing the right agent to represent you is one of the biggest decisions you'll make when it comes to selling, possibly the most important. So follow our tips below to ensure you choose the best agent.

Choosing the right agent is at the forefront of any successful transaction, whether it be by way of auction or private sale.   

Researching agents in your area, who have experience selling similar properties, is the first place to start.  Search online for local agencies and agents, conduct digital interviews, research online review platforms and make a shortlist.  

Interview a few agents. Key points to consider when interviewing real estate agents are:

  • Does the agent have a track record in my neighbourhood?
  • Have they sold similar properties?
  • Do I “click” with this agent? Is there a natural rapport?
  • Does the agent listen and respond to you professionally? (not just by telling you what they think you want to hear)
  • How well have they presented their strategy to sell your home?
  • How comfortable are you with their suggested method of sale?
A good tip to consider. Always ensure the agent you choose has a track record in your neighbourhood. Photo featuring Paul English - THE AUCTIONEER.

Other critical questions to consider are:

  • What are their costs?  
  • Do they charge marketing fees upfront?
  • What is their commission?  
  • Have they any online reviews, positive or otherwise?
  • Do you think the appraised value of your home is fair in the current market? 

Once you’ve selected your agent, listen to them throughout the campaign. Follow their professional recommendations to ensure you are best placed for a successful transaction.

Whilst choosing an agent can be a daunting process to sell your family home or investment, it is an essential step in achieving the best possible result for the sale of your home.

Choose an agent that you trust. One that complements your personality and you believe will speak with you openly and honestly, always with your best interests at heart.  

HOT TIP: It is always tempting to go with seemingly less expensive agent. This can sometimes be a costly mistake, leaving thousands on the table come the time of sale. If an agent cannot negotiate a fair commission on the listing of your property, how can you expect them to negotiate a good deal for your largest financial asset?

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